Cafe Prep Cook

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Cafe Prep Cook
Dyn is actively seeking Part-Time Line and/or Prep Cooks to join our team in the Dyn Cafe Services. Dyn Cafe is not your typical corporate kitchen; we are the only certified farm to table corporate kitchen in New Hampshire. We are proud to offers our employee's healthy and nutritious customized lunches made from scratch.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Assisting in the preparation of meals including chopping, making salads and preparing entrees.
Assisting in setup and cleanup of both cafes
Adhering to kitchen policies set by the chef
Following recipes and guidelines set for overall quality and consistency
Work as a team player with all staff
Assisting with functions by cooking, setup and service
Following guidelines for proper sanitation
Helping in up keep of stock, rotating and using older products first
Helping create and prepare daily specials
Providing ideas and input for menu planning and implementation
Maintaining highest level of customer service
Experience required:
1- 3 years kitchen experience within a fast paced kitchen environment
Proficiency in utilizing a wide range of kitchen tools and utensils
Understanding of and experience in correct sanitation procedures
Previous experience with grill & sautee is preferred
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