Clinical Pharmacist

The incumbent will serve as a Clinical Pharmacist for the in-patient and out-patient areas.
Primary functions will be the interpretation of physician orders, dispensing of appropriate medications, and counseling patients on proper medication administration and storage.
Provides consultation to physician, nurses, and other health professionals on basic information about drug therapy.
Conducts drug therapy monitoring, participates in quality assurance activities and provides professional and technical staff in-service training education.
Evaluates physician orders as to appropriateness based on patient medical profiles, inputs information into computer system if assigned; dispenses medication in accordance with dosage form requirements.
Assures that all dispensing activities are completed within VACO and Medical Center guidelines.
Acts as clinical expert for pharmacy students or technical employees.
Permanent appointments are subject to the recommendation of the Professional Standards Board and approval by the Medical Center Director, Grade and salary will be recommended by the board and is based on the personal qualifications of the candidate (i.
education, certification, experience, etc.
Travel and relocation expenses are not authorized.
Incomplete applications will not be considered, you must submit the required forms which are listed under "How to Apply".
This position is a NAGE Bargaining Unit position.

Don't Be Fooled

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