Surveyors Needed for Energy Audit Assessments

Surveyors are Needed for Energy Audit Assessments In:
New York
New Jersey
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
Surveyor Position Description:
This will involve identifying, measuring, answering questions and taking photos regarding:
Interior and exterior lighting
Electrical panels
Walk In freezers and coolers
Kitchen equipment
Building measurements (overall)
Various other items
You will need:
iOS or Android device (for app)
Digital camera
Binoculars (recommended to read lamp wattages)
Measuring laser (for pole heights etc. suggested cost $40.00 - $89.00)
Tape measure (for measuring base heights etc.)
Status: Independent Contractor
Compensation varies from project to project and is always outlined in advance of project kick-off. All travel expenses are included as part of the per site rate and therefore, actual travel expenses are the responsibility of the Surveyor. The number of site assignments varies with the project.
As an Independent Contractor, it is the responsibility of the Surveyor to provide the company with invoices for each project. Invoices are paid on a "Pay When Paid Basis". We invoice all clients within 48 hours of project conclusion. When invoices are paid by the client, all outstanding contractor invoices are paid.
All surveyors are required to carry their own general liability insurance.
If you are interested please answer the interview questions or call the toll free number listed in the reply email you will receive.
Thank you for your interest.

Don't Be Fooled

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