C Developer


Primarily responsible for the design, development and support of embedded software used in wireless products across multiple product lines.

Develop software to perform near real-time measurements and hardware control
Create and modify software programs for testing and product release
Address software defects in a timely fashion and verify resolution
Perform software/firmware build, test and release management duties
Document code and set standards for best practices in coding and design
Participate in technical reviews to ensure product quality
Practice good communication inside and outside the development team
Estimate time and effort on projects and tasks
Demonstrate ownership and responsibility for assigned tasks and ability to work independently
Proficient in a Linear"C" development in an embedded software environment
Proficient with Unix/Linux Operating System concepts and design
Having writing experience in a multi-threaded Linux application & cross compiling experience will be necessary
Experience conducting fiber delay compensation, working on FIR mechanisms & biasing lasers on OMs.
High level diagnostic design experience; writing MPI's and doing data base work will be required.
Having Network Development understanding would be beneficial in understanding context of assignments.
Experience in wireless product and component design, e.g. receiver and transmitter block diagrams, power measurement, down conversion
Experience with wireless system measurements, e.g. power, spectral purity
Disciplined documentation and development process
Strong written and oral communication skills
Ability to multi-task, prioritize tasks and quickly adjust in a rapidly changing environment.

B.S. in computer science, electrical engineering/technology or equivalent experience
3-5 years experience

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