Prosthetics Representative--Macropurchase Specialist

The incumbent will be assigned to the Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service at the Manchester NH VA Medical Center.
The duties of the Non-Supervisory Prosthetic Representative are to administer, or perform work concerned with rendering prosthetic and sensory aids services to disabled patients.
Included in this series is such work as:
(1) Serving as an advisor to clinicians with regard to selection, prescription, and acquisition of prosthetic devices involving furnishing information concerning such matters as new developments in the field of prosthetics and sources of supply for such devices; (2) Interpreting prescriptions of clinicians in order to make certain that proper prosthetic devices are selected for, or by, the patients; (3) Maintaining continuous liaison with manufacturers and dealers of prosthetic supplies, inspecting their facilities and services and participating in the award of prosthetic appliance contracts; (4) Giving technical and administrative advice and assistance on prosthetic problems to other facilities.
(5) Identifying orders for potential macropurchase through collaboration with Acquisition.
(6) Communicating with other disciplines including health care and acquisition team members regarding prosthetic orders, eligibility, and program guidelines.
This work requires the application and interpretation of laws concerning benefits available to disabled patients and of the regulations, procedures and practices based thereon and, in addition, a specialized knowledge of the medical and psychological problems directly related to the use of prosthetic devices; and a specialized knowledge and understanding of the fabrication and satisfactory fitting of prosthetic devices.
The administrative aspects of the work require an understanding of statistics, budgeting, contracting, procurement, human resources, the National Prosthetic Patient Database, inventory management and a knowledge of the Prosthetic national software package.
The Prosthetic Representative will utilize eCMS tools, Prosthetic monitors and Acquisition reports to track and improve outcomes in data accuracy, timeliness, and compliance with national and local policies.
The primary purpose of this Prosthetic Representative macro-purchase position is to serve as the subject matter expert and liaison between the VA healthcare provider/customer, eligible veterans, and the acquisition procurement team responsible for macro-purchases of veteran-specific durable medical equipment and services.
Macro-purchases in the Prosthetic and Sensory Aids service encompass a wide range of specialized equipment purchased through a range of procurement strategies.
The Prosthetic Representative will work closely with the provider to ensure the end product will meet the unique needs of the veteran.
The Prosthetic Representative will utilize operational data (medicare codes, contract number, item specifications) necessary for accurate and timely purchasing.
Utilizing knowledge of Acquisition Regulations (FAR/VARR) and performing Contracting Officer Representative duties, the Prosthetic Representative will convert patient-specific orders to acquisition planning module requirements for VAMC Manchester.
The Prosthetic Representative macro-purchase specialist will manage program and procurement requirements including waivers for new and changing requirements relating to any non-small business purchases, other socio-economic factors, or standardization initiatives.
Work Schedule:
Monday to Friday, 8:
00 a.
to 4:
30 p.
Functional Statement Title/#:
Prosthetics Representative--Macropurchase Specialist

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