Email Deliverability Specialist

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We have a passion for improving our customer's deliverability and online reputation!
As the point of contact for addressing email delivery issues for Dyn customers, our Deliverability Team is responsible for monitoring failure rates and producing status reports to show current health status and email delivery trends.
Our Deliverability Team works to improve customer engagement with business and technical groups for email systems planning, design, and implementation with the goal of high-volume delivery assurance. As a company leading the charge in brand's reputation, our team will continuously provide recommendations regarding email best practices, industry trends, deliverability, ISP standards and current regulations and legislation (can-spam, regional spam laws, etc.)
Provide best practices and general deliverability guidance to clients
Assist clients with setup of SPF and DomainKeys/DKIM DNS TXT records
Monitor Dyn infrastructure for abuse
Resolve abuse/compliance issues with ESPs and clients.
Create internal troubleshooting documentation for Support Teams
Proactively identify potential compliance issues
Ongoing Daily/Hourly Tasks:
Email Seed Account Management
Create new top seed accounts
Make sure all accounts are active
Audit and update all profile information in all accounts
Learning which account are more active and which are more important. This is a trainable and repeatable task.
Audit known problems with seed accounts
Verification of the seed account
Create and

Don't Be Fooled

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