Customer Success Manager

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Customer Success Manager
Dyn's Customer Success Team advocates on behalf of our customers and takes a team based approach to keeping customers connected to Dyn. Our Customer Success Managers work cross-functionally, throughout all departments at Dyn, to effect change - enhancing the overall user experience with our products & services. The Customer Success Manager is responsible for overall customer well-being by mapping and understanding the customer lifecycle, monitoring customer health, changing internal processes, producing customer programs, and acting as the voice of the customer. We are looking for a CSM to deal primarily with low touch, self-service customers with the magic combination of domain expertise, plus experience in customer marketing or marketing operations, enterprise project management, process engineering / re-engineering, and customer management.
Develop success plans for self-service customers that outline their critical success factors, metrics for success, potential issues, and provide recommendations
Ensure customer's overall satisfaction and experience with our available products & services as through low touch channels
Act as a liaison between product management and the customer base with a focus on communicating the product roadmap and how the roadmap will influence customer activities
Execute the customer satisfaction program and properly escalate all necessary issues
Ensure the customer is aware of and takes

Don't Be Fooled

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