Manager of Quality Assurance Safety Training and Field Compliance

Company Name:
Quantem Aviation Services
Position Type:
Manager Quality Assurance, Safety, Training and Field Compliance
Department: Quality Assurance Classification: Exempt/Fulltime
Reports to: Director Safety, training and Quality assurance Supports: General Managers / station trainers
Purpose of the Position:
The Manager of Quality Assurance, Safety, Training and Field Compliance assists with rollout and implementation of controls and measurement tools, as well as Company sponsored programs (Safety, Training, QA, Environmental and Security)
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Ensures application and transfer of learning of established performance measures.
Oversees compliance with Operational reporting.
Ensures Company policies, systems, programs, processes, procedures and/or plans are implemented, audited and compliant throughout the organization.
Ensures operations are conducted in accordance with applicable regulations and

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