Maintenance mechanic ii

Company Name:
Elliot Hospital
Schedule: 11:00P-7:00A
Shift: Monday-Friday & On Call
Hours: 40
Job Summary:
Supports the Facilities Management department by maintaining and operating all mechanical equipment, systems and spaces throughout the facility.
Makes periodic checks of unmanned machinery spaces to check the operation of designated machinery. Takes action as appropriate to maintain or restore system/equipment to satisfactory operating condition. Notifies responsible Supervisor of malfunctions or unusual conditions. Performs assigned preventive maintenance on equipment such as lubrication, filter changes and cleaning. Starts and operates boilers, chillers, blowers, pumps, compressors, generators, cooling towers and other machinery to maintain plant operations. Observes system operations and ensures they are in accordance with established operating procedures and guidelines. Switches boiler fuels, aligns fuel tanks and changes compressed gas bottles. Performs regular and emergency repairs and maintenance throughout assigned facilities including, but not limited to, clearing clogged drains, replacing faucet washers, replacing toilet seats, repairing door hardware, replacing light bulbs/receptacles, replacing ceiling tiles and repairing beds/cribs etc. Asks for assistance when additional personnel and/or skills are required. Initiates work requests on all work performed or work being referred to the department. Performs routine preventive maintenance and/or inspection tasks. Responds to various system alarms including, but not limited to, refrigeration, oxygen/piped gas, heating/cooling, boilers and generators. Acknowledges alarms, resets or takes appropriate corrective actions. Notifies Supervisors as appropriate. Initiates "First Response actions during emergency/contingency situations in accordance with established department policies, instructions, standing orders, disaster preparedness manual, hospital fire plan, code 2 protocol and established contingency plans. Acts in "First Response capacity until properly relieved by qualified department personnel. Maintains familiarity with contingency plans, critical valves, switches and other mechanisms that control plan systems. Maintains boiler room and machine room logs including, but not limited to, steam, fuel and water consumption data, feed water and flue gas test results, medical gas system parameters, tank levels, fuel and medical gas deliveries and HVAC system parameters. Maintains familiarity with safety features and devices of all plant equipment and complies with established/posted safety regulations and practices. Utilizes protective safety equipment in performance of duties, such as lock out/tag out, universal precautions, etc. Assists technician in performing maintenance, preventative maintenance, inspection, cleaning, and repairs to boilers and other plant machinery as assigned. Monitors the activities of after-hour maintenance personnel, contractors or vendor personnel.
Education:High school diploma or equivalent required. Post secondary school or vocational training preferred. Courses in plumbing, electrical, carpentry, welding, sheetmetal, automotive repair, ventilation and clinical engineering preferred.
Experience:Two to four years experience in plant operations and building maintenance in a healthcare environment.
Elliot Health System is an Equal Opportunity Employer and an Affirmative Action Employer.

Don't Be Fooled

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