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GMG Connect
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GMG Connect is a new, rapidly growing, hungry and flexible company.
While GMG Connect is a new business entity, its principals and partners have been generating leads for the biggest names in the corporate, non-profit and political worlds for years and have decades of combined experience. GMG Connect's founder provided lead generation services for presidential candidates, major national party committees, associations and household names in the non-profit sector. Feel free to ask about our experience. GMG Connect specializes in high quality sales leads for any industry. We have the capacity to produce 10,000+ non-verified leads per day per industry and to produce about 2,500 phone verified leads per day per industry. Our sales price is between $3 and $250 per lead, depending on the industry and quality of the lead. We can easily expand capacity if demand outpaces supply. GMG Connect believes in taking care of its people. If you work hard for us, we will never leave you high and dry. Our commissions are incredibly generous because we believe in rewarding hard work and results.
GMG Connect is a customer advocate that strives to meet all customer needs. We are only looking for long-term customers, so we will go the extra mile (or 100) to make our clients happy. In most industries, leads are of poor quality, non-exclusive, non-verified. We offer exactly the opposite: high quality, exclusive and verified sales leads. GMG Connect leads are generated online by asking very simple and direct questions (For example, "Are you planning to buy insurance in the next 30 days? If so, click here and we'll give you a call"). Generating a lead with such a direct question gets the lead to self-qualify. But we don't stop there (unless that's what the client wants). When we pass along a lead, it is only going to ONE CLIENT. Very few lead generation companies supply sales leads on this basis. We also offer phone verification. When a lead signs up online, their information is passed along to one of our phone banks. We then call the lead to confirm identity, make sure they are actually interested in talking to a sales rep, and if possible, prime the lead to expect great things from the sales rep that will be contacting them. The result is a lead that's close to a referral. GMG Connects partners are, by nature, very competitive. We will do whatever it takes to gain the sales advantage on any of our competitors. Simply telling a potential client about a lead's exclusivity will usually make their eyes spin in delight. Adding in the phone verification makes our service just that much more compelling than the paltry, barely interested lead other companies produce. There will be some instances where GMG Connect cannot compete with a specialist lead generation firm. In these cases, we will let you know. You can choose whether you'd like to pursue the sale from there. If you're a GMG Connect Rep, you can make calls with confidence because you know that you're offering a better service than the competition.
This is a contract position with vast potential. You will be responsible for prospecting potential clients (finding them on google, working out referral partnerships, organizing creative distribution channels), entering their information into our CRM and making 50-100 cold calls per day, follow up, negotiate prices and terms, manage relationships after sale (not day to day, just checking in once in a while), and a weekly check in call with your manager. That's it. We do NOT believe in micro-managing. We want you on the phone with clients, not answering our questions or doing busy work. We only insist that you enter your prospects in the CRM to protect the lead from other reps and because we will re-target them with emails and other marketing mechanisms to turn them back into a hot lead. Cold calling is critical for your commissions. If you make 100 cold calls per day, you will make far more than is listed in this ad. You can do this from home, an office, a bar, the beach, Europe. We don't care where you are or what you're wearing so long as you are getting results. In the beginning, you will be responsible for getting a potential client interested. Once that happens, you will arrange a conference call between you, the potential client and a senior sales rep, who will help you close the deal. This will still be your deal. You will receive full commissions. Going about it this way allows you to learn in action, making sure your income doesn't falter during the early phase of your contract. Once you're comfortable taking the sale from cold call to contract, you will be on your own. However, someone will always be available to help when you need it. We are a very supportive company and believe strongly in sales support.
You will generate most of your leads. GMG Connect plans to invest heavily in its own lead generation (online marketing, SEO, display, mailings, as well as telemarketing). Our goal is to turn you into a glorified order taker. But that won't happen overnight, so if you apply, be willing to make a considerable number of calls every day. Plus, the best and most leads will be given according to call and sales volume.
We will train you in online marketing, lead generation, inside sales, whatever you need. We have no mandatory training sessions and no required programs. Training will be one on one and as needed. You can literally call, text or email your manager for help anytime. Sales reps are the producers in this case, so we will treat you more like the talent than the help. The sales rep will always be considered the highest order of contractor or employee at GMG Connect. When we bring in managers, they will be for assistance, not domination.
GMG Connect is looking for people with diligence, integrity, and intelligence. You do not need any sales or online marketing experience. Since we're targeting the mortgage industry, those with experience and connections are preferred. Mortgage industry vets are getting the most results right now as well. It's an easy, fun and lucrative transition. Your success in this position will correspond exactly to how many calls you make. Make 100 per day, and you should easily blow away the expected income. Make 5 calls per day and you will flounder. We also need people who won't lie, set expectations too high, or promise something we can't do. You will get residual commissions because we want long-term business. Keeping the customer happy is what keeps them coming back. To that end, we cannot mislead them or let them expect something other than what will be delivered. This job can get a bit complicated. There are at least 5 factors that go into pricing, plus 20 different ways we can generate leads. We will pitch a few approaches primarily, but we don't want to lose a client because we failed to identify the best service for them. To that end, you'll need to master all the approaches, be able to quickly calculate pricing and manage a bunch of balls in the air simultaneously. We don't expect you to be able to do this until you've had around 20-25 sales, so you have time to learn. It's not that complicated, but it's not selling printer toner or movie tickets either.
As for compensation, this is a 100% commission position. I put $100,000 to $120,000 in the ad. But if you make 100 calls per day, you should blow that range out of the water in a matter of months. If you can sell to .5% of those people you call, and the average sale is between $5k and $10k per month, that's a sale every two days. It usually takes around 1 month from first contact to getting a contract, so there will be a lag. If you can bring in 1 client every two days at $5k per client, you should make over $150k. You will also receive residual commissions for as long as a client is with us. Those will add up and become your primary source of income. We expect this position to be compensated in the mid-six figures within 5 years. This is part of our growth plan and exactly what we will be working toward. We ask you to work hard for us. But we also want to reward you better than anyone else.
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GMG Connect

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