Sales Manager - Start up - Excellent Compensation with Equity Potential

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GMG Connect
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GMG Connect is a new, rapidly growing, hungry and flexible company. We're searching for a talented, strong, hungry, diligent sales manager who can get our sales reps performing.
While GMG Connect is a new business entity, its principals and partners have been generating leads for the biggest names in the corporate, non-profit and political worlds for years and have decades of combined experience. GMG Connect's founder provided lead generation services for presidential candidates, major national party committees, associations and household names in the non-profit sector. Feel free to ask about our experience. GMG Connect specializes in high quality sales leads for any industry. We have the capacity to produce 10,000+ non-verified leads per day per industry and to produce about 2,500 phone verified leads per day per industry. Our sales price is between $3 and $250 per lead, depending on the industry and quality of the lead. We can easily expand capacity if demand outpaces supply. GMG Connect believes in taking care of its people. If you work hard for us, we will never leave you high and dry. Our commissions are incredibly generous because we believe in rewarding hard work and results.
GMG Connect is a customer advocate that strives to meet all customer needs. We are only looking for long-term customers, so we will go the extra mile (or 100) to make our clients happy. In most industries, leads are of poor quality, non-exclusive, non-verified. We offer exactly the opposite: high quality, exclusive and verified sales leads. GMG Connect leads are generated online by asking very simple and direct questions (For example, "Are you planning to buy insurance in the next 30 days? If so, click here and we'll give you a call"). Generating a lead with such a direct question gets the lead to self-qualify. But we don't stop there (unless that's what the client wants). When we pass along a lead, it is only going to ONE CLIENT. Very few lead generation companies supply sales leads on this basis. We also offer phone verification. When a lead signs up online, their information is passed along to one of our phone banks. We then call the lead to confirm identity, make sure they are actually interested in talking to a sales rep, and if possible, prime the lead to expect great things from the sales rep that will be contacting them. The result is a lead that's close to a referral. GMG Connects partners are, by nature, very competitive. We will do whatever it takes to gain the sales advantage on any of our competitors. Simply telling a potential client about a lead's exclusivity will usually make their eyes spin in delight. Adding in the phone verification makes our service just that much more compelling than the paltry, barely interested lead other companies produce.
GMG Connect is searching for an experienced, qualified, intelligent, creative, resourceful and dynamic sales manager who can recruit a team of contract sales reps, manager their daily activity, support their sales efforts, motivate them to keep calling. The right candidate will have demonstrated the ability to keep contracted sales reps performing their duties. The Sales Manager will report directly to the owner. No experience in the industry is required. We will train you.
You will have full authority over your sales team, with rights to grant and terminate contracts. We have a team of 7 reps. How many you bring on or remove will be your decision. You will decide how many calls each rep must make each day, and what they're commissions will be. For the time being, your reps will be on contract and commission only. Because we only offer commissions, turnover is high. However, you are authorized to offer very high commissions. Performing sales people should make well into the low-mid-six figures with no cap. The right sales reps will make more under the current commission plan.
We will assist you in every way possible. Our production capacity is excellent. But we have a sales problem. The sales reps are just not making the volume of calls required to fulfill quotas. The product generates quick interest. Someone who can bring on the right reps, keep them calling and performing will do incredibly well. Once we get over this hurdle, the sky is the limit.
This is an outside position. You can work from anywhere in the world. It's likely that you will want to set up an office at some point. In that event, we would give you full discretion over the location and staff. We just ask that you keep it near a large pool of talented sales people.
Compensation is based solely on performance. You will receive a generous percentage of all profits generated from the sales team. After a certain benchmark is reached, the sales manager will receive a minority equity position. The ad lists $250,000+ as the first year potential. That's easily doable for the right person. But we want this position to earn a lot more, and expect that in the next 3-5 years this should become a 7 figure position, potentially more given the additional revenue streams available to the company as a whole. Make no mistake, the road to this payoff will not be easy. It will be incredibly trying and intensely consuming. We're willing to generously compensate the person who can get us over the hump.

Don't Be Fooled

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