Software Engineer (Web Development)

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Dyn is looking for experienced developers to help us build the next generation of our managed DNS infrastructure. This position will initially entail building a fully RESTful, asynchronous API for our customers to manage the state of their DNS zones. While the design for this API is largely done, coding has yet to begin. So if you like greenfield opportunities, this is for you.
Development will be primarily in Go (golang), and ideally you will have some experience developing in Go. This is not a hard and fast requirement, however. What we really need is someone who has helped build massively scalable distributed systems before in any language. Go experience is just icing on the cake.
This system, of which the API will be just one component, will be available 24x7 to our clients around the world. Overall we're targeting tens of thousands of requests per second. Scalability, reliability, security, and data integrity are paramount concerns. The ideal candidate will have significant experience building similar systems in the past. In addition, we're looking for developers who work well as part of a team, have experience with agile development, who refactor

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